This provocative, eye-opening, best-selling book gets right to the heart of achieving extraordinary, lasting results by distinguishing Three Laws of Performance.

With this book by breakthrough performance experts Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan, you won’t just make improvements, you’ll find the power to rewrite your futurein business and your life.

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I believe this book may be one of the
most important written in many
years. The ideas are much larger
than we normally see in
business books...

Warren Bennis
Founding Chairman of The
Leadership Institute at the
University of Southern California

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Get a free guide to elevating performance
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Steve Zaffron, leadership consultant, business performance consultant, leadership development consultant, performance consultant, performance training consultant, breakthrough business performance consultant

Steve Zaffron
is CEO of the Vanto Group,
an international consulting
firm that designs and imple-
ments initiatives to elevate
organizational performance.

Dave Logan, leadership consulting, business performance consulting, leadership development consulting, performance consulting, performance training consulting, breakthrough business performance consulting

Dave Logan
is a professor at
Marshall School of Business,
University of Southern California.
Cofounder and senior partner,